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Welcome to Bonita Cacao, home to the finest organic cacao products in the Dominican Republic.

Bonita Cacao | Ceremony & Health

Bonita Cacao | Ceremony & Health

Our Ancestral Cacao

Is known as the medicine of the gods for its deeply nourishing, profoundly healing, and uplifting effects on the mind, body, and soul. 

Unlike modern day chocolate, our cacao comes from the same seeds that our taino ancestors planted hundreds of years ago preserving the same magical experience known through our lands for generations. 


Enjoy some of the island’s greatest cacao, ethically sourced and hand-made with love.

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Cacao Therapy

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Cacao is one of the oldest spiritual medicines known to humanity. Hundreds of years ago, our Taino Ancestors used cacao to tap into the profound messages of the heart, connect with nature, and unify family.

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Dominican Republic,

North Coast Espaillat




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Cacao tours

Cacao ceremony

Cacao therapy

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