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Our name, "Bonita Cacao" embodies awesome beauty and our respectful awareness of the sheer magnitude of nature's blessings and gifts.

The purpose of our project is to protect ancient cacao trees and plant more of these beautiful heirloom trees with their original genetic structure intact. We've found trees well over 100 years old. While their harvest yields less cacao bean overall than engineered hybrids, we find their fruit to impart very unique and exquisite aromatic fragrances, flavors, and oils, with superior sized and more concentrated beans.

We respect and embrace the slow and raw processes. Bonita Cacao's farm and others who we work with are located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, near a small town called La Piragua. This is where our founder Johanna Mejia was born and raised and where the roots of this project developed. It's from her early and everyday immersion in cacao culture that her passion for Cacao took hold. These farms have many ancient trees, all gifts from our ancestors. They worked the land in a respectful way, and that's how we continue to do things.

Johanna's heart is in this magical land and truly with these incredible trees. She is driven to share this with her like-minded supporters.

She expects that raising awareness, speaking with love, and caring for her corner of planet earth will be her life's work.

Along with other products,  Bonita Cacao carves a magic bowl from the husks of centenary cacao. This vessel retains spiritual properties and is a perfect place to store your cacao butter. 

We encourage people to see the difference between a cacao pod from a hybrid tree compared to that of a centennial tree, the difference is remarkable and very telling.

Centennial cacao enjoys a more developed root system permitting greater nutrient uptake resulting in fruit with higher nutritional value, taste, and flavor.

Bonita Cacao takes an active part in their community, where we educate on the importance of these magnificent trees and environmental issues. We're actively campaigning for the rights of the women and men who process cacao. We're studying the systems which have been in place for generations to see how we can enhance lives without upsetting the delicate rhythms of the communities we serve. RESPECT - NAMASTE.

Few old heirloom trees remain.  Our husk vessels, properly cared for, will serve as a reminder of their statuesque beauty for generations to come! Also, a lovely way to introduce cacao to those who've only ever eaten chocolate from a box.

Our vessels are made in our village by locals who are very proud of their work. Each bowl is made by hand. They are resistant and biodegradable. The work is performed at a workshop created for the economic development of mountain women, promoting a more sustainable economy.

Prices vary depending on the size of the piece, and the product inside. Our bowls can be customized to suit our consumers.

Johanna pours herself and her substantial creative energies into her passions. Sharing her products with you makes her very happy.

 '' I remember one day my grandmother cracked open a cacao fruit for me and put the seeds in my mouth with her hands. After trying it, I marveled at how magically delicious it was. She answered me, know that you are eating God's food and never forget it. I always remember this and treasure this moment in my heart.

I am pure potentiality and but a humble servant of the Great Spirit. Thank You!

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