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100% Cacao Ceremonial grade 2Bars:

These two cacao bars are handcrafted created to experience pure Bliss in a cup.
With a guided meditation to invoque the power of Creation, unconditional love and clear thoughs. 120g. each of pure cacao made from our finest beans.


Raw Cacao Butter

This raw cacao butter is rich and creamy food grade cacao butter.


Sun Roasted Cacao

Our roasted cacao beans are perfect for eating raw, food recipes, and fine beauty products. 


Artisanal Cacao Vessel

Bonita Cacao carves a Magic vessel from the husk of cacao.

To promote a more sustainable economy.


Ceremonial Annatto

As a plant medicine, annatto has been used in Ayurvedic practices, as well as in parts of India where the shrub is revered for its therapeutic abilities.

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