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The Story

Johanna Mejia is a 4th generation cacao farmer from the Dominican Republic. After traveling through Europe and studying with some of the best chocolatiers in the world, Johanna decided to return to her homeland in an effort to protect/preserve her family's ancestral cacao plantations, to support local job opportunities for women and to share her healing through cacao therapies and ceremonies. 


Ceremony & Health

We offer a variety of modern and ancestral healing modalities for those seeking connection and spiritual growth, and we are committed to preserving the ancestral knowledge of cacao in our country.
In the last year we have:

Johanna Mejia Hernando

  • Created the Dominican Republic's first artisanal ceremonial cacao production

  • Replanted over 27,000 original genetics trees

  • Protected the country's last remaining centenary cacao seeds /OG

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